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Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Information


Allegan County United Way has created a volunteer hub for people wanting to help, and a donation hub where 100% of donations go to help COVID-19 specific needs in our community.  Register to volunteer or  give using the following links:




As agencies share their needs, this list will be updated




COVID-19:  Preventing the spread:

As an organization dedicated to the well-being of our community, we are closely watching the developments surrounding the spread of Coronavirus, and its official appearance in Michigan. Many people may be wondering what we can do to minimize the impact of the outbreak. We encourage everyone to read these recommendations from the Allegan County Department of Public Health for reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection for yourselves and others.  We are fortunate, as of this posting to have no confirmed COVID-19 cases, and we can all play a part of keeping it that way.

Leading by Example

Our top priority is the safety of our staff, volunteers and guests, so we have / will:

  • Set up a volunteer portal for those wanting to help
  • Set up a COVID specific donation page
  • Restrict work travel to within our dual county borders, Ottawa and Allegan
  • Promote and use the County Health Department recommendations for meetings and events
  • Promote and use appropriate coughing and sneezing protocol
  • Promote and use appropriate handwashing protocol
  • Watch reports to determine whether or not to cancel specific events and activities
  • Post useful prevention suggestions on social media and website

Planning Ahead

As usual, we are also working on contingency plans / scenario planning, and talking with other agencies and partners to prepare for any possible disruption to daily life for our partners and those we serve.

Thank you for being an important part of creating a strong community.