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United Way Day of Action becomes a WEEK OF ACTION!
United Way Day of Action is an invitation for people and organizations around the world to LIVE UNITED and take action to address a variety of challenges. It is a day that we ask you to help us put our mission into action by volunteering to improve the building blocks for a good quality of life – education, financial stability and health.  But with the COVID restrictions making a regular Day of Action hard to do, we have created a virtual WEEK OF ACTION instead!


DAY 1 Friday June 19th - Be an Engaged Citizen

Make sure you are registered to vote! Find your polling place and what is on the ballot, make a plan to vote, and share your civic engagement pride.

Get started here:

DAY 2   Saturday June 20th - Make Smile Signs!

Volunteers can spread cheer around their neighborhood by creating Smile Signs, or other positive messages, which are placed in a neighbor's front yard. DON'T FORGET TO TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR SIGN AND SHARE IT WITH US!

 DAY 3 Sunday June 21st -  Community CleanUp/Plogging!

Volunteers can help keep neighborhoods clean. Whether a volunteer is “plogging” alone or with others (at a safe distance), they can make a difference by spending a few hours picking up trash (with washable or disposable gloves on) in a neglected area.

See this flyer for more info at

DAY 4 Monday June 22nd - Gift Cards Donation

Volunteers can help people keep their jobs by purchasing gift cards to local small businesses. Gift cards can be donated to local United Ways who will share with individuals in need after businesses reopen.

DAY 6 & 7 Tuesday and Wednesday June 23rd & 24th - You Pick!

Show us your creative ways to take action to care for your community, nd maybe we'll use it in next years DAY OF ACTION.  Don't forget to share your idea by tagging us on social media or sending it to us at

While you’re working on your Day of Action project, post about it and tag us!  Take a selfie, we’ll love it! Use the hashtags:

  • #UWDayOfAction
  • #DayOfAction2020
  • #LiveUnited
  • UnitedForHumanity

We will put together a video of gratitude to honor ALL OF YOU and your efforts on this day of coming together, for United Way’s Day of Action 2020, virtually!