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United Way Links Volunteers to Opportunities

A new, user-friendly online tool for connecting volunteers with opportunities is live today at the Allegan County United Way & Volunteer Center.  People interested in volunteering can find the tool by navigating to and clicking on Volunteer.  The new online system, called “Get Connected,” features agency profiles where individuals and groups can browse volunteer opportunities and in-kind donation needs.   
Examples of current listings include: Construction Worker, Tax Preparer, Legal System Assistant, Driver, Meal Preparer, Patient Care/Volunteer Caregiver, Snack Bar Attendant, Toddler Yoga Instructor, Disaster Action Team Member, and Thrift Store Assistant.
Nonprofit organizations and public agencies that seek volunteers can contact the United Way to set up an agency profile.  
Volunteering supports agencies by extending their resources and providing greater service to individuals, families and communities.  Perhaps not as obvious is the benefit to volunteers themselves.  Volunteering has a protective effect on mental and physical health, and helps people connect to others and find friends, learn new skills and perhaps even advance their careers.  People who find the right opportunity have the satisfaction of knowing they are making a difference and taking care of themselves at the same time.  
Using “Get Connected” at Allegan County United Way & Volunteer Center will help people find the volunteer role that is right for them.  Phone inquiries at 269-673-6545, x10 are also welcome!